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Wood and Plant


The plant is a living organism.

It is pre-programmed to grow leaves, blossom and shed seeds.

It is pre-programmed to survive.

It converts energy into new forms.

In the whole universe, no two apples, two leaves, two cells are the same and in the end, no two atoms are the same either.

They are just very similar.

Wood is so-called "dead" matter.

"Dead" matter does not actually exist. We describe it as such because it no longer retains the energy or the intent to grow.

Life Quantum
A Life quantum is an autonomous individual entity capable of creating well-ordered movement.

THETA Life Quanta
The human mind (the real personality, the "ego") can be described as a life quantum. However, it should be ascribed to a higher order when compared with phi and lambda life quanta.

LAMBDA Life Quanta
They control life's processes and organize phi. Their considerable freedom to act, along with the previous ignorance of their existence and behavior, is one of the main reasons why pharmaceuticals and medicine are relatively unstable sciences.An organism, an organ, a system of a cell is not simply a collection of interactive matter–lambda life quanta are responsible for its organization.Each lambda life quantum has its own consciousness and performs its own calculations, They react not only according to physical laws but also at will.

PHI Life Quanta
They represent "inanimate", "unrefined" matter. They are "rigid" and predictable; this is the only reason why physics and chemistry, for example, are relatively stable sciences.