BioTransmitters What is a biotransmitter? They may only be defined by their functions; they transmit information to the living organism. the effect of such information may be to damage or to heal. The following may be biotransmitters: precious stones, metals, magnets, electronically programmed carrier fluids, discs, cards or amulets, but also laser and other rays, for example so-called "earth" rays. As an example of the latter, the Swiss scientist André E. Oefeli and founder of PHI-LAMBDA TECHNOLOGY® illustrated in a report how these "earth" rays have their effect. Other areas are concerned with precious stones and elecronically programmed biotransmitters, which does have a large part to play in medicne gene technology, biology, cosmetology and associated fields in the near future.

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Earth rays and other bioenegetic radiation phenomena Biotransmitters are objects or substances, which are able, without exception, to heal (or to damage), for example through being worn next to or near skin. Tthe concept is new to us yet the knowledge that biotransmitter effects do exist and has been known for years. They have been used for many thousands of years, in China, India, Eygpt and Africa. Primarily precious stones an metals have been involved, but also other organic and in organic material. Mother nature herself offers many examples of so-called biotransmitter effects. Witness the orientational ability of many insects, in tracing the female from kilometers away. It has been proven that this cannot be direct scent reactions which would be impossible over such large distances. A excellent example, on the human species side, and is common knowledge that when women collect frequently in a "dormitory" or work environment situation, over a few months time, will synchronize their menstruation cycles to the day. Not to say this is only occuring in women only but also every sex, organism and non-biological object and on many levels in the universe. Clearly, what we see here is a prime example of biotransmitter effects.

The HARDWARE necessary to program The Swiss scientist and bioenergeticist André E. Oefeli built apparatus for this prupose which is able to "superimpose" bio-energetic information electromagnetically onto substances or carrier fluids, by means of a computer aided procedure, and with the help of so-called "Tesla slab coils". This procedure is called PHI-LAMBDA TECHNOLOGY®.