We are a team of people bringing together a new technology and ancient knowledge to help others in their quest for betterment of health.

PHI-LAMBDA TECHNOLOGY® was first presented to the public by the Swiss natural scientist and bio-researcher André E. Oefeli in March of 1988 after about 15 years of research. since that time André Oefeli pushes research projects in this field to be able to use its enormous opportunities and areas of application in products and applications for the public.

More on the background of this technology was published in a 100 page book entitled "The Most Important Discovery of the 20th Century in the field of Bio-Energy" and in a 40 page scientific publication with the title "Interdisciplinary Observation of Biological Systems". Check our sections PHILOSOPHY and TECHNOLOGY for Acrobat downloads containing more detailed information.

A seed "showing off" it's life-force